It never ends! Gas is already expensive as it is and now it is making another jump! According to AAA of WNY, gas prices have jumped 7 cents from last week and will probably climb a little more before the holiday weekend. It seems though that in WNY we're still trending below the national average, which is good! The NYS average is still trending above the National average by 10 cents but that is not reflected in the WNY area!

  • National Average - $2.93
  • New York State Average - $3.07
  • Buffalo - $2.96
  • Rochester - $3.03
  • Syracuse - $3.05

So it is good news and bad news. Yes, gas prices are higher and will likely go up due to the holiday weekend. However, it could be worse and we could live in other parts of the state where they always trend above the national average.

Check out daily averages and calculate prices and usages HERE.

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