I say 'Buffalo guy', but there's a good chance that you already know who he is.

Mike A was on the episode 'Going Loco' of The Food Network's "Beat Bobby Flay".

Chef Mike Andrzejewski owns two popular Buffalo restaurants, SeaBar (I've only found one sushi I've ever liked and it's from here--the Beef on Weck Roll is dang good) and Cantina Loco (get the steak and cheese burrito).

Mike A tried his specialty Loco Moco which is a half-pound of beef, fried rice, eggs and gravy together....and Bobby Flay couldn't match it.

I didn't know this tidbit though that the Buffalo News said:

The SeaBar chef has also represented Buffalo at the Taste of the NFL, offering a bite from his restaurant at the annual party held the night before the Super Bowl. Past bites have included the popular beef on weck sushi rolls and pork shumai.