Summer is two weeks away, technically. Let's be honest though...summer is here.

It's after Memorial Day, the calendar says June, and the temperatures are in the 70's. All of those factors say that yes, it is in fact summer to most of us. Maybe not the kids who are still finishing the last few days of school.

The best part about summer is spending more times outdoors. The patios across Western New York will be busy over the next three months and surely the ice cream spots will be crowded with people.

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There are plenty of great ice cream places in Western New York. Some of them are only seasonal, while others are open year-round.

One of those places is Lake Effect Ice Cream.

Lake Effect Ice Cream has two locations in Western New York. The original is up in the heart of Lockport. The other is on Hertel Ave. in Buffalo. They are known for their countless ice cream flavors and creations. Soon they will go mobile.

Lake Effect Ice Cream announced that they will soon have an ice cream truck, which we are assuming will be making its way around Buffalo.

We see Mr. Cool and Mister Softee trucks all the time but a local ice cream place? That is awesome. It would be so cool to see a few local ice cream places have a seasonal ice cream truck that just surprises neighborhoods on random summer days.

Make sure you keep your eyes peeled for the Lake Effect Ice Cream truck in Buffalo.

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