Pride month may not be for another few months, but we recently received word of a big announcement coming in June.

After having to overcome pandemic-related problems, the Buffalo Pride Parade and the Pride Festival are back this summer, and they will return as in-person events.

Although June is the official start of pride month, the week honoring pride will begin on May 31, the day after Memorial Day, and it will stretch until June 5. 

The theme for this year’s pride week is “Homecoming.”

The idea of having a pride week is to celebrate strength that we find through love and unity, and it seems like everyone rediscovered that appreciation for those two things over COVID-19. 

Pride month celebrations have been held virtually for the past two years, so it just may be the busiest and most anticipated parade, week, and month from the LGBTQ+ community and their friends. 

The Pride Parade will begin on the final day of Pride Week. On June 5, the parade will start at the corner of Elmwood and Forest and it will end at Canalside. Then, immediately after the parade, the Pride Festival will begin at Canalside.

Those who are in charge of Pride celebrations this year said that they are trying to implement both virtual and in-person events to ensure that everyone can be comfortable while participating. 

You can register for the Pride Parade by clicking here, and if you would like to volunteer, click here.

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