It’s almost Mother’s Day, and trying to find a perfect gift to tell your mom “thank you” for everything she has done for you is near impossible, but we still like to try. 

Whether you’re planning on taking your mom to brunch, making her some DIY coupons (like we do every year), a card and some flowers – mom is going to love it because it came from you

However, as the person getting the Mother’s Day card and flowers, it can be difficult to narrow down which place to go to, especially when there are so many local florists that have such beautiful arrangements. 

Though you’d be surprised to know that Mother’s Day has only been for just over 100 years…a day that really should have always existed. 

How Did Mother’s Day Start?

The first official Mother's Day service was held on May 10, 1908, in Andrews Methodist Church in Grafton, West Virginia. Anna Jarvis held a memorial for her mother Ann Jarvis Reeds, and the location was chosen because Anna’s mother taught classes there for 20 years. It became widely known as a day to celebrate love and show gratitude to mothers everywhere. 

Best Floral Shops For Mother’s Day in Buffalo

If you are looking for a good floral shop for Mother’s Day, there are so many quality options to choose from. 

Here are 17 of the best florists in Western New York. 

Best 17 Florists in Western New York

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By far, the most impressive locally owned floral shop I’ve walked into is Maureen’s Buffalo Wholesale Flower Market. They let you buy individual flowers, which is perfect if you’re looking for something specific, but all 17 florists listed above always have impressive floral arrangements.

One company is also giving away free flowers for Mother’s Day, and you can find out how to get those when you click here

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