What a time to be in Buffalo! The city keeps making impressive lists from start-ups to architect and multiple holidays! WalletHub conducted a study to find 2017's Best & Worst Places to Celebrate 4th of July. Th holiday is probably more that just watching fireworks from your back yard. You'll probably have a party, maybe even travel and that is going to rack up in costs. The National Retail Federation "projects that American households this year will spend a collective $7.15 billion on food" thats is up from $6.8 billion last year. That's just food! Factor in everything else and all of the sudden there a lot more "green" in the "red, white and blue."

WalletHub studied and compared the 100 largest U.S. cities based on not only how fun and accessible the celebrations are but how affordable they are as well. They also studied the average beer and wine prices, duration of fireworks shows and even the weather! After all of that was said and done the cities were ranked!

Buffalo came in at number 3! Why did the city rank so high? Here is the breakdown!

Celebrating Fourth of July in Buffalo (1=Best; 50=Avg.):

  • 41st – Avg. Beer & Wine Prices
  • 16th – Walkability
  • 1st – Legality of Fireworks
  • 1st – Duration of Fireworks Show
  • 1st – Fourth of July Popularity

How did the rest of the top 10 play out?


You can check out the full study and what went into determining the rank of the cities at WalletHub. Here's to a safe and festive 4th of July!

Source: WalletHub


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