I've gone to different places for spring break before -- North Carolina with a buddy is one off-hand, but would you ever consider our own backyard a popular spring break destination?

Well, it is!

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According to WIVB, travel site Wanderu named Buffalo the cheapest popular place to travel for spring break.

The data Wanderu used was based on a 2015 Priceline list of the top 50 most popular spring break destinations, based on college students making advanced hotel reservations.

Some of the criteria for a cheap spring break destination are the cost of incoming flights, hotel rooms in March and the number of high-quality beers per capita.

The data shows that the cost of an incoming flight into Buffalo in March is just under $144 and the cost of a hotel room is just under $100 a night.

What was number two on the list of cheapest, popular spring break destinations you ask?

Panama City, Florida.

Yup, we're a better spring break option than a city in Florida...just as long as you're okay with the chance of sleet and snow in the forecast!

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