Pizza pride is a pretty touchy subject. If you don't believe me, just ask people from New York City, Chicago, and yes, Buffalo.

Detroit style pizza has garnered some well-deserved reputation over recent years; Pizza Hut even had their own version of Detroit style not too long ago. Old Forge and New Haven even have their own unique styles of pizza.

It seems as if Buffalo style pizza hasn't gotten its fair share of hype nationwide as other varieties of other pizza cities. That should change and I always tell people who visit Buffalo, you have to go to Bocce Club, Picasso's, Imperial, Macy's or any other Buffalo pizza place to try it for yourself.

The slightly thicker crust. The extra cheese and toppings. The sweeter sauce. The cup-and-char pepperoni. It's flat-out glorious. There's nothing like Buffalo style pizza.

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While pizza in New York City is fabulous and the deep dish variety in Chicago is great, Buffalo, NY should be at the very least in the discussion for pizza capital of America.

Being born and raised in the Queen City, that sounds a little biased, but there are some genuine reasons for that distinction. You might even be a bit scared how accurate these are.

Thanks to Upstate New for stats and information.

Here are five of them.

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