We all know that Buffalo is known around the world for our wings, now one local pizza place is getting some love for its pizza.

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Recently Food and Wine magazine ranked all the best pizza places across the country and named the best places to grab a pie in each state.

Here in New York, only one Western New York pizzeria made the list of best pizza spots. That was Bocce Pizza. According to the author of the article, it was the pepperoni cups that make Bocce one of the best pizza places.

Writer David Landsel said the following about Bocce Club, "then there's Buffalo, for the thick boi pizzas, topped with pepperoni cups, long before it was cool, at Bocce Club, opened in 1946 and still run by the Pacciotti family."

Bocce Club Pizza has three locations: one on Bailey Ave. in Amherst. Another on Hopkins Rd. in East Amherst and the last on Delaware Ave. in Buffalo.

Most of the pizza places that made the list for best in New York were all in New York City. On top of the list was John's of Bleecker's which has been around since 1929.

Also, New York came in 3rd overall as the best state to grab a slice in the United States. Both Connecticut and New Jersey came in ranked high than New York with Connecticut coming in the top spot. Illinois and Michigan round out the Top 5 on the list.

Of course, there will always be a debate over the best style of pizza. NY thin crust, Chicago Deep Dish, cut into squares or triangles, but the one thing almost all of us can agree on is that pizza makes a perfect dinner for sitting around with family and friends and having a good time.

So no matter where you order your next pizza from, just make sure that you enjoy it with family and friends, or heck grabs a large just for yourself!


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