The Toronto Blue Jays will play their first "home" game in Buffalo this week and there are some roads that will be closed off during games.

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This is a bitter sweet day for baseball fans and for the residents of Buffalo and Western New York. Major League Baseball is something that we have all longed for. Even though we have the Triple A affiliate here with the Buffalo Bisons, there has always been a desire to make it to "the bigs" as a city.

It may be temporary, but the day has arrived and the buzz surrounding the Jays is real.

As a result of the hype and in an effort to make things run smooth, some roads will be closed. According to reports, Buffalo police say streets in the area will be closed before and after games. The temporary shut downs are needed so players and staff can safely travel to the ballpark.

Years ago, I was fortunate to e the guy who played the music and the sounds for the Buffalo Bison games. It was a sweet gig for me during college. I was paid to watch professional baseball and have some fun while doing it. It is so cool to see what happens behind the scenes during a game. From the batting practice to the music that each player uses as a walk up theme song, there are so many things that go i to making a game fun for the fans.

Although we can't watch the games in person, it is cool to know the Buffalo, for a time, has made it to the big time!

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