Who would have thought that you could buy a couple of streets in the City of Buffalo? How much money is it to buy an actual street from the City of Buffalo?

The Buffalo Transportation Pierce-Arrow Museum announced a little while back that they are going to be working on a massive expansion project and it will require more room at their Buffalo location. If you have never been to the Pierce-Arrow Museum, it is off of the 190 in downtown Buffalo very close to Chef's Restaurant or Hofbrauhaus Buffalo for landmark references.

The owner and one of the founders want to put on a massive outdoor space for exhibits and events, as well as make all of the buildings that the Museum has to connect.

A few months back, the founders offered to BUY Carroll Street and Frank Lloyd Wright Way from the city. After some negotiating, the City of Buffalo approved the sale and said that it would need $151,000 for the transaction.

Now, of course, these are not MAJOR roadways in downtown Buffalo, but doesn't that price seem fairly cheap to purchase some roads in the City.

In 2019, (The owner of the Museum, James) Sandoro paid $4.3 million for the former Social Security Administration office at 186 Exchange St. He has been prepping the 35,000-square-foot building for additional exhibition and special event space", according to Buffalo Business First.

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