Dating apps normally see a spike in usage whenever the holidays are among us, so it makes sense why one Cheektowaga man found himself on a Tinder date this weekend.

There’s just something about the fireworks on Independence Day that make you want to put your arm around someone and take one of those cliche kissing pictures for the ‘gram…but you probably shouldn’t do that with a Tinder date you just met.

A man in Cheektowaga met up with a Tinder date in Niagara Falls on Saturday, July 2 to get a feel for the girl he had been chatting with for a week or so and see if she wanted to spend Independence Day together. 

However, it got a little uncomfortable. 

While watching some fireworks overhead, with ice cream in hand, the girl asked if he wanted to take a picture. The man said sure, so she set her phone timer against a tree behind them to capture a picture of her leaning her head on the guy’s shoulder, fireworks in background.

It is important to note that the two did not share a kiss on their first (and maybe last) evening together, yet the girl still shared the photo with the fireworks on her Instagram story that night. 

The guy from Cheektowaga asked his Facebook for advice, saying that he felt strange about taking a photo “that literally makes us look like a couple.”

Western New Yorkers were weighing whether or not it was appropriate to post the guy on Instagram so soon, and a majority of people said that was way too soon. 

Most people agreed with online dating expert Julie Spira, who said that the golden time period for posting that first picture with a love interest is “about six weeks to two months after you’ve decided you’re exclusively dating.”  

Spira said it is possible to post too soon, so no need to hurry. You can take your time and be a little patient with that first post.

The picture on the story has since disappeared since it only remains up on Instagram for a 24-hour period.

Not to be that gal, but it sounds like the girl was posting the couple-y photo with the intention of someone else seeing it…or she wanted everyone to know she had someone to spend the weekend with.

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