Buffalo is known of the City of Good Neighbors because we band together when we need to. 

After the tragedy of May 14, Western New Yorkers pulled together to make sure that those who lost loved ones were taken care of, and those who live locally have a means of getting food for the next few months until they are able to reopen the grocery store. 

And although it has been over a month since we lost 10 beautiful lives, people are still coming to Buffalo and helping out our community. 

A comedy concert, called Jokes For Our Folks, was held on June 28 at Shea’s Theatre. The concert helped to benefit those affected by the mass shooting in Buffalo last month. 

There were several comedic acts, including performances from DL Hughley, Cedric “The Entertainer,” Earthquake, Don “D.C.” Curry, and Aida Rodriguez, and they all dedicated the proceeds to Feed Buffalo, which is “a  black-led organization with a practice of providing healthy food access to those in need.”

All of the proceeds were donated, and this is the second big donation in a week from a group of celebrities. 

Basketball Hall of Famer Shaquille O’Neal may be known for his athleticism, but he is also characterized by his charitable acts and generosity. 

While in Buffalo for a performance at Riverworks, Shaq played the role of “DJ Diesel,” putting on quite a show for the 716.

What people did not know, though, is that Shaq ended up donating the full $50,000 he earned from doing the gig to the family of one of the victims of the May 14 mass shooting. 

Shaq spoke to the family of heroic security guard Aaron Salter Jr., who lost his life on May 14. Salter Jr. was a retired police officer, but served as a security guard at Tops Friendly Markets , and he was working on the day of the tragedy. 

The $50,000 was donated to the Salter family following the show.

Shaq may have chosen to help Aaron Salter Jr.’s family due to his personal connection to law enforcement.

Shaq was actually a reserve police officer for part of his time with the Los Angeles Lakers and served in similar roles when he was with other teams as well. 

As a good neighbor, I’m sure you have helped out the community in one way or another, whether it be with the recent events in Western New York, brushing the snow off a neighbor’s car, helping someone get groceries who is stuck in their house, or something else. We always stick together.

Thanks, Buffalo.

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