Some people get ahead of themselves every year and billieve that the Buffalo Bills will make it to the Super Bowl. That’s why you may see people with tattoos that say “Buffalo Bills Super Bowl Champs (insert year).” It happens all the time, right?

This guy named Derek succumbed to that very fate this year. 

However, it happens to at least one Bills fan every year. Remember this guy from 2016?

It happens, but I personally couldn’t rationalize getting a Buffalo Bills Super Bowl tattoo. That could be more about my fear of needles than anything else, though. 

This, however, I could definitely get behind. 

If you are part of the Bills Mafia, you already know that there is nothing more that this fanbase wants than to return to the Super Bowl. It has been 30 years and we are hungry. We have been patient, and we have been waiting. 

Every year that passes seems like it’s going to be our year, but then we lose in a nailbiter even though our team is the favorite to advance. 

Unfortunately, that is what happened again this year, but if it’s alright with you, I would like to keep living in the alternate universe where the Buffalo Bills are contenders at the Vince Lombardi Trophy. 

Seems like most people are on the same page with that one.

Take a look at the cake below. 

The cake says:



According to the original post, the cake was spotted at a Sam's Club in Western New York.

Pretty accurate…this is one of the first years I don’t even really want to watch the Super Bowl, but I really want to see the commercials.

Will you be watching it??

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