Look like we are all going to be Philadelphia Eagles fans in Buffalo. Unless your last name is Fortson.

There are SIX Buffalo, New York connections to the Super Bowl.

I mean, don't get too technical on me.

I am considering Jamestown part of Buffalo. People will argue that. But, I say if Jamestown High School plays Lancaster High School in sports, and you have 716 area code--you're Buffalo. End of story.

So here they are. The 6 connections Buffalo has to the Super bowl.

  1. Nick Sirianni - Eagles Head Coach: The most notable one. He is the head coach of Philly. Grew up in Jamestown. His dad coached Southwestern High School Football. Ironically, his first NFL job was with the Chiefs, who he is about to play in the Super Bowl.
  2. Brett Kern - Eagles Punter: From Grand Island
  3. Dave Caldwell - Eagles Senior Personnel Director: Went to St. Francis High School. 27 years in the NFL
  4. Tyree Jackson - Eagles Tight End: Star QB at the University at Buffalo. Now plays tight end for the Eagles.
  5. Alex Tanney - Easles Assistant QB Coach: spent time playing on the practice squad with the Buffalo Bills in 2012 + 2015.
  6. Jody Fortson - Chiefs Tight End: Went to South Park High School and played football at ECC. He already won a Super Bowl with the Chiefs last Super Bowl win.

Does this mean we are Eagles fans?

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