We have known for quite some time that Buffalo is an amazing place to live.

The number one reason is the incredible people who make up this city's residents. From the City of Buffalo to Niagara County and down to the southern tier, the people here are down to earth and very kind.

Then there's the food.

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The chicken wings are the number one food we're known for, but the Buffalo-style pizza is remarkable and one-of-a-kind, along with beef on weck, spaghetti parm, pastry hearts, loganberry, sponge candy and so many other great dishes.

Finally, the sports; we adore our Bills and Sabres.

Buffalo always seems to get overlooked and we have that stereotype of snow and cold (which is sometimes justified, other times not), but one of the country's popular television channels has finally given Buffalo a whole lot of respect.

CNN recently published what they think is the top 22 underrated destinations in the United States.

Near the top was Buffalo, New York.

While we don't appreciate calling us "upstate New York" (WESTERN New York, fyi), we do love that they highlighted Buffalo's superb architecture.

They say the city's downtime in the 20th century allowed us to preserve our classic architecture, which makes the city stand out.

Another major reason is Buffalo's resurgence with Canalside.

The growing aspect of the waterfront and the future plans for that area, along with the fact we have so much water at our disposal, makes Buffalo an underrated destination.

It's not in the article, but I also would throw in the fact we don't have any traffic and the affordable housing, compared to most other cities. The renting and home buying market isn't great at the moment, but this region still beats many others.

Buffalo absolutely is underrated.

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