It will happen.

Buffalo is for sure going to be in the Guinness Book of World Records.

We have done it before, and then someone stole the record.

You may have seen the billboards on the 190 or the 33 when you drive into work. Buffalo's Olmstead Parks is going to RE-break the world record for “Longest line of garden flamingos”.

Buffalo Olmsted Parks Conservancy

Guinness Book of World Records Attempt

“Longest line of garden flamingos”

Bidwell Park

June 21, 2022

Take a look at what happened last time Buffalo broke the world record looks like below. Now, you might be asking yourself: 'why are the trying to break the world record for FLAMINGOS?' Well, 2 reasons:

1.) The history of Cheektowaga/Buffalo and their love for the plastic pink flamingo that goes on your front lawn.

2.) The Buffalo Parks are playing off the fact that Fredrick L. Olmstead's initials are FLO.....for FLOmingo--get it?

In 2018, when Buffalo broke the world record, it was only 1,500 Flamingos. Now, according to the parks' website:

In October 2019, the GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS was taken back by Pledge the Pink of Callawassie Island, South Carolina with over 3,300 flamingos in a line.

Here is the best part, though! You can be involved with the world record by either volunteering or 'adopting' a flamingo:

Starting today, you can officially pre-adopt your FLOmingos and secure your place in Buffalo history. Proceeds from FLOmingo adoptions will help support the attempt as well as the Conservancy’s mission and celebration of Olmsted’s 200th birthday. FLOmingo adoptions can be found at this website;

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