File this story under, there's no way this is true.

But, it is.

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In a now deleted Reddit post, a Buffalo area woman named Caitlyn learned she was pregnant after a Google search to find out why her toilet seat had suddenly turned blue.

Not only did she find out she was pregnant, she turned out to be 7 months along.

The Independent reports, "Explaining that she assumed symptoms such as bloating and heartburn were the result of having coeliac’s disease, and that she had not gotten her period for years because of the pill, Caitlyn said that she was shocked - so she made an appointment with her doctor.

Thinking I was maybe two to three months along they got me in and pulled out the ultrasound and could not believe what they were looking at!!!” she wrote. “A full size baby, head down, full formed heart and everything! They thought I was 20-25 weeks which of course when I heard I just couldn’t believe it.”

Congrats to the new mom! The baby is reportedly due in late June 2020.

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