We've been following him for years and its exciting to see things continue to happen for him in Music City. 

He was one of our very first Taste of Country Risers here in Buffalo.  Eric Van Houten won his way to the stage at the WYRK Taste of Country years ago and the sky has been the limit ever since.

He has been featured on CMT, and it's hard to believe that it's already been a couple of years since signed his very first publishing deal with WinSongs Music in Nashville.  Now, he's headed out on his very own tour.  And it's not a little one either - it's 24 dates over a span of 5 months.

Sadly it doesn't look like he will be coming too close to us for this one.  He will be playing cities like Orlando, Detroit, and Memphis.  However, if you are headed to Nashville for the Bills vs. Titans game on Monday night, you might want to be sure to fly in a little early.  He will be playing Broadway the night before for a Bills Takeover show.

It looks as though Van Houten will definitely be making his way to WNY soon though.  Unfortunately, most of us will miss out on it.  It's a private show that he will be playing after losing a bet.  At a recent show in LeRoy, NY, Van Houten bet a guy that he could shotgun a beer faster.

Van Houten was wrong.  Now, he will be playing the man's wedding.  We've got more on that here.

Best of luck to Eric and his team on the new tour, and congrats!  Enjoy the ride.

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