Buffalo native and former TOC Riser Winner, Eric Van Houten has been making a name for himself down in Nashville, working with songwriters and producers, including inking a recent publishing deal.

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Now, he's made it to "CMT" big time.

Eric's song "Come Find Me" was featured on CMT on Monday. The new music video for "Come Find Me" was also featured on CMT. You can check it out here.

This from CMT:

While everybody else at the beach is soaking up the sun, Eric Van Houten is feeling the loneliness of lost love. Those heartfelt emotions shine through in his new video, “Come Find Me.” A native of Buffalo, New York, who now lives in Nashville, Van Houten has witnessed the rising tide of “Come Find Me” on streaming services, so he now he’s putting the storyline on screen.

This is amazing. Dreams coming true for Eric!

Check out the interview he did here.

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