With the snowfall over the past day or so, and more to come, it's time to admit it to ourselves; winter is here. I know, I know! The solstice isn't until December 21st, but it's time to embrace it! It's here and it's not going anywhere any time soon.

And even if we do get a break in the weather, winter is like the neighborhood gossip; you never know when they'll show up again, but you know they'll be back and all up in your business.

The thing is, there are PLENTY of things to embrace about winter (and even have fun doing!) here in Western New York. This is just a start, because I'm sure there are a bunch of things I'll miss. Please, feel free to add some of your favorites.

  • First and foremost, attend at least one winter beer event (Buffalo On Tap anyone?!) Cheers!
  • Nothing says Buffalo winter like a Sabres game.
  • Experience the new Ice Bumper Cars (or even the Ice Bikes) at The Ice at Canalside.
  • Sledding. Some places to go include Margaret Louise Park, Akron Falls Park, Como Lake Park and Chestnut Ridge.
  • Have brunch at Elm Street Bakery. Kick back and relax in front of a warm brick oven. There's no better time than on a snowy Sunday morning.
  • What I like to refer to as the "Hey guys, watch this!" Hit up the Toboggan chutes at Chestnut Ridge.

If you can't beat 'em, join 'em...and have some fun.

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