Imagine you see a little girl standing on an air conditioner three stories above the ground.  Would you step under her to cushion her fall?  That's exactly what Steven St. Bernard did and he's being called a hero for saving her life.

St. Bernard is a bus driver in New York that was alerted to the autistic 7-year-old girl from a group of other children who saw her on top of her air conditioner as he was walking home from work.  The girl had apparently climbed outside through one of the air conditioner’s collapsible partitions.

He said he prayed that he could catch her if she fell and kept his fingers crossed when she did.  His prayers were answered as she took a leap and landed in his arms.  St. Bernard suffered a torn ligament in his arm but the girl was unhurt.  He admitted that all he could think about was his own little girl and he hoped that if she was ever in that position that someone would step up to help her like he helped this little girl.

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