A tradition at our house each year - Shelley makes a homemade pizza on Super Bowl Sunday.  We wouldn’t even think about ordering out – first because I think she makes the best pizza and because Super Bowl Sunday is the busiest day of the year for pizza places.  Pizza Hut alone puts out two and a half million pizzas – they call it their big game day.

How about the busiest day for emergency room care?  Any ideas?  It’s the day after Christmas.  After all the stress of trying to get thru the holidays – a lot of people end up in the hospital.

The busiest day of the year for plumbers – the day after Thanksgiving.

Want to avoid the crowds at Disney?  Plan a day other than New Years Eve.  That’s Disney’s busiest day.

Busiest day for KFC – Mother’s Day.

At Applebee’s – it’s Valentine’s Day.  It’s also the busiest day for florists.

Busiest day for collect calls – dad gets to pay for those collect calls on Father’s Day.

Busiest day for boating – July 4th.

Busiest day for firefighters – they’re in the same boat – July 4th.

Busiest day for Chinese restaurants – Christmas Day.  So that scene in the movie “The Christmas Story” where the family ends up eating in a Chinese restaurant is right on.

Busiest day for air travel – not Thanksgiving or Christmas week.  The 20 busiest air travel days each year are in the summer. 

Busiest day for the post office – the third Monday in December.

Busiest days at grocery stores – Sundays.  The busiest day of the year is the day before Thanksgiving.

SOURCE: walletpop.com