The Buffalo Zoo has hundreds, if not thousands of animals.  They all poop.  So where does it all go?

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Gardeners!  This one is for you.  If you're planning on growing a garden this summer, you're going to need fertilizer.  They have a bunch of it at the Buffalo Zoo and now they're hoping to sell it to you.

Why do people use manure on their gardens?

If you aren't terribly familiar with the gardening process, it can seem kind of weird to put poo on your garden.  I mean...we eat the food that comes out of there.  But it's all part of the process.

It's called manure and it actually contains all kinds of stuff that is good for plants.  It helps to add organic matter to soil and it improves water retention.  It contains nitrogen which is good for your plants and selling it diverts waste from landfills!

What is Zoo Poo?

Zoo Poo is the name of the product that is sold by a company called tend.  They take the manure from the hoofed animals at the zoo and mix it with aged stall bedding, straw and alfalfa to produce a product that they describe is like hummus.  That product can then be used as a garden top dressing or mixed into the soil of  potted plants.

Don't worry...they don't bring it to your house in a bucket or on a shovel.  It's actually packaged up in a nice box.

How much is it and where can you get it?

A three pound box of Zoo Poo will run you $10.99.  You can get it from this website by clicking here.  But if you want more of it (you need to buy in bulk), they can do that through

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