Everyone loves a good promotion. Whether it is free food or a buy one get one free offer, when a store or business announces a good deal, we flock to them. One of the most popular promotions is back.

Raise your hand if you are old enough to remember the days before free refills on soda. It was huge when you would go somewhere and they allowed you to get more soda without paying and then some places even put the soda/pop fountain in the dinning areas so you could refill your own!

7-Eleven has announced the return of a big promotion and if you are thirsty, this is ideal. It is the return of the "Bring Your Own Cup Day" at participating 7-Eleven stores in New York State.

On Saturday, April 29, 7-Eleven will be kicking off Slurpee season with a "Bring Your Own Cup Day” at participating 7-Eleven, Speedway and Stripes store locations.

The summer will be here soon and a cold Slurpee goes great on a hot day. The last couple of days around Western New York have been cold and snowy. This comes just days after we saw record high temperatures in the upper 80's! What is the best choice for a drink to quench thirst? Many say Gatorade or Vitamin Water or even a Slurpee. But did you every think about grabbing a cold glass of milk?

Milk is actually great for re-hydration.

Researchers developed a beverage hydration index, comparing the hydration effect of 13 beverages among 72 healthy, physically active men, and they found fat-free and whole milk were among the top-ranked beverages with fat-free milk being ranked first.

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