We are so blessed to have the natural resources that we do here in the Western New York area. Fishing on Lake Erie or Lake Ontario or even the Niagara River is not only exciting for us who have grown up in western New York but it also gathers national attention year after year.

But it is a lake in Minnesota that has gotten a lot of attention this summer for those who love to fish! A 15 year old in Minnesota caught what is now determined as the largest northern pike on record in Minnesota!

There was a 45" northern caught in Lake Erie and currently hold the record in Ohio.

This summer was so much fun for fishing with our kids. Our son Hank who is now five loves to fish! We are always happy if we catch a sunfish, bluegill, small bass or even a perch! I cannot imagine what would happen if we caught a fish that is nearly 4 feet long!

It has gotten to the point that Hank is able to beat his own hug but we are still working on mom LOL. But seriously, fishing is so much fun for the family to do together.

We normally fish on Chatauqua Lake throughout the summer but have also found that fishing on ponds in our neighbors backyard is equally as fun. Catching a bass on a worm will forever be one of my favorite things to do and is now the perfect bonding experience for me and our three sons.

Congratulations to this fisherman from Illinois who now will spend the rest of his life trying to re-create the magic or somehow the luck of catching such an incredible fish. It is truly a once in a lifetime experience and whether you can make it happen again or not is what Will keep fisherman coming back day after day year after year on the lakes ponds rivers and streams throughout America!

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