As we get ready for the upcoming school year and the fall, there are lots of questions that people have about COVID-19 and how things will be handled this year. But one question that lots of people have when it comes to college and universities, is how am I going to pay for all of this?

Walmart is offering to cover tuition costs for employees at a select group of colleges and universities.

As a father of three kids, it is on my mind all the time and they are only five years old and younger! College is something that I hope that they choose to attend however if they have other plans by the time we get there I am comfortable as long as they are happy. But we are the kind of parents that do not like to be surprised if we can avoid it. So planning ahead is how we are trying to handle anything to do with our children’s education and are hoping to help them in anyway we can.

But even with parents and financial aid, some universities are still expensive and students may find it difficult to pay for them. Walmart understands this and has started a program that will not only help students that work for them, the retail giant will pay for their tuition at various universities.

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Brandman University, Penn Foster, Purdue University Global, Southern New Hampshire University, Wilmington University and Voxy EnGen. The new institutions are Johnson & Wales University, the University of Arizona, the University of Denver and Pathstream.

College is not for everyone. I have many friends who decided to take a blue-collar route and work in a field like construction. From plumbers to electricians and carpenters and everything in between, there will always be a need for those who enjoy working with their hands. And a really good earnings and life can be made with that type of career. However if you know someone who is interested in attending college this fall or next year, and they work for Walmart, you may want to introduce them to this program that is being introduced as of this August.

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