Promotional items are often given away as gifts to commemorate a season or to tempt people to buy tickets...but this one is one of the coolest ever!

The Sabres are celebrating what they're calling their "Golden Season."  It's their 50th season.  Over the years, lots of promotional items have been given away from sports teams...from towels and pom poms that fans could shake to bobblehead dolls of their favorite players we've seen just about all of it.

But today, I was blown away to see what the Sabres gave away to some season ticket holders to commemorate their entry into the NHL in 1970.

I makes total sense.  They ARE the Buffalo Sabres.  But how did they do it?  Did they just hand them out at the door?  Were they mailed to the ticket holders ahead of time?

I'm just amazed by this!  How cool is a team that hands out swords to it's fans???

Do any of our listeners have one?  Were you there when they gave them out?

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