A few weeks ago, Amazon announced that they were going to open up a secondary headquarters.  Now Canada has gotten creative to get a piece of the $5 billion HQ2.They know they're going to do it.  The question is, where will it make the most sense to put their second headquarters?  They are currently taking bids to see which city can pitch them the best plan.

Buffalo might not be quite big enough to house the huge second headquarters that Amazon is looking to build.  But, if they pool their resources with our friends in Canada, we might be on to something.

They are looking to put together a "cross-national" bid.  If Southern Ontario can get together with Western New York, Canada and The U.S. could help to expand the Amazon Brand.

It makes sense.  Why choose one city to focus on when you can involve Buffalo, Niagara Falls, Hamilton, Ont., and St. Catharines, Ont. across two countries?


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