Soon traffic along the US/Canada border will increase as US officials announced that fully vaccinated Canadians will be allowed to enter the US at the start of November.

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Congressman Brian Higgins posted on his Twitter account that the US plans on allowing fully vaccinated Canadians to enter the country starting in November.

The move to reopen the border comes just as the holiday shopping season begins which means local Buffalo businesses should get a boost from the international shoppers.

The US/Canada border is one of the longest in the world and due to COVID-19, the border has been closed or at least partially closed since the start of the pandemic.

Before the pandemic, on average $1.6 billion dollar worth of goods would cross over the border. Many local Buffalo businesses took a big hit when the border closed since many rely on Canadian shoppers to help their business.


No official details have been released on how border patrol will check to see if the person crossing the border is fully vaccinated. In the past, there had been talk about a COVID-19 vaccine passport or using an app on your phone to show your vaccine status. More information is expected to be released later this week.


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