In some portions of New York State, it has started to feel like spring! The cold and heavy snow are being replaced by flood warnings and a January thaw. However, the last two weeks of weather was very winter like and those who snowmobile had some great conditions.

Typically, the roads around the Tug Hill region are seasonal and have limited maintenance. Many of these roads are not plowed and become the main snowmobile trail through the Tug Hill plateau and it's 150,000 acres. However, many GPS and digital travel guides don't indicate that and for those who are not familiar with the area, that could spell disaster.

This post was floating around on, Tug Hill Snowmobiling, N.Y. shows what looks like a Volvo that had gotten stuck on a main snowmobile trail earlier this week. Not an ideal situation for the driver of the vehicle or those trying to ride their sled.

Facebook: Nick Shank

The weather is getting warm and wet. We spoke with a group of riders from the Buffalo, New York area who tell us they had to cut their trip short because the trails had gotten so sloppy and some were closing.

Be safe this winter and carry a survival kit in your car or truck. The conditions may be rough as the weather changes from warm and wet back to snow and ice. Hopefully the driver of the Volvo was OK and was able to get to their destination.

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