We're in the midst of the hockey season across Western New York.

This region loves youth hockey, from elementary school through high school. Many kids play youth hockey and if you play youth hockey long enough, you will get a chance to skate at the same legendary places in Western New York.

The Northtown Center (formerly the Pepsi Center) in Amherst is one and the Holiday Twin Rinks in Cheektowaga is another one. It's actually the first rink I ever skated at when I was a little kid.

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For those who skated at the Holiday Twin Rinks this week, the news has been scary but the appropriate precautions have been taken.

WIVB is reporting that the Holiday Twin Rinks will remain closed through New Year's Day as a precaution. This after elevated of carbon monoxide were detected on Wednesday evening, which resulted in the facility to be evacuated.

Cheektowaga Police say that over 100 people sought hospital treatment for carbon monoxide poisoning symptoms this week. As if now, everyone seems to be fine, but because of the health risk, the Holiday Twin Rinks is not taking any chances and staying closed through the holidays.

According to the Mayo Clinic, carbon monoxide poisoning symptoms include:

  • headaches
  • dizziness
  • confusion
  • weakness
  • nausea or vomiting
  • shortness of breath
  • blurred vision
  • drowsiness
  • loss of muscle control
  • loss of consciousness

It's good that the rink will stay closed for a few days to be safe, and law enforcement and officials are also involved, so that this won't happen again.

The Holiday Twin Rinks is a place where so many of us have played hockey before, so hopefully things can get back to normal soon.

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