The weekend is almost here and if you are forced to work overtime or have that part-time work to do to help make ends meet, perhaps your big day is coming! The Powerball jackpot is well over $200 million and it might be you that scores the cash payout!

What would you do with all that cash? Most people will use that money to pay off bills, travel and help friends and family do the same. But there are others who would invest and donate to charity.

Regardless of the plan for after the win, you have to have a plan for how to win. Do you allow the computer to choose or do you go with the lucky numbers that you have used for years? Sooner or later they have to be drawn, right?

Whoever correctly picks all six winning numbers for tomorrow night's drawing can expect a prize of at least $264-million. The cost of a ticket to play the lottery game is only two dollars. Anyone who wants to watch the drawing can do so live at powerball-dot-com.

This jackpot follows a recent Mega Millions that became a Mega Billions when one winning ticket was sold in California.

Good luck this weekend with those numbers and the Powerball jackpot!

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