Spartacus the Diabetic Cat has been having some issues lately. He's had to switch some foods around and have some tests, and because of that he's been throwing up a lot more. This is a cat that rarely threw up before, so it was an unpleasant surprise for me. It got so bad at one point he had to take a trip to the vet. The throw up started to evolve and become more of a hairball, which was great news, however, it was still really frequent. The vet then suggested a simple solution. Pumpkin puree. Really? Can it be that simple?


According to TheNest, "Pumpkin is high in fiber and can help regulate digestion by absorbing water and preventing diarrhea."

Spartacus also had an upset tummy during this time, so this also helped! Just slowly introduce it to your cat in case of sensitivity and if your cat has food allergies please consult the vet before feeding. Depending on the size of the cat, anything from half a tablespoon to a tablespoon a day is what is recommended. You can either mix it in with their food, or if your cat likes it, use it as kind of a treat!

Spartacus LOVES it and really likes to eat it up off his spoon. (How low I've fallen... I'm feeding baby food to a cat off a spoon). Grab a can of puree, or you can snag baby food jars. I found these are convenient because they come with a lid and it makes storage easier. Just make sure to check the label for additional ingredients, you only want pumpkin!

I'll admit that is probably the weirdest video I've ever made, but it's proof that Spartacus really does get his pumpkin puree out of a baby food jar. He came sprinting across the room when I opened it.

I hope this helps someone! I had no idea there was an easy remedy that actually works. Even though Spartacus still gets hairballs, it's not longer everyday!

If you have a "Cat Hack" or even a "Dog Hack" you want to share, let me know! It's probably not known by as many pet owners as you would think!

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