Nashville, Tennessee is known as "Music City," because it's the hub of the country music industry, as well as other styles of music you can find there.

Texas, however, is also a huge deal when it comes to country music. So many successful singer-songwriters from Texas have made it big in Nashville and one new artist from Texas is poised to be another breakthrough country star in the near future, Catie Offerman.

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Offerman, who is from New Braunfels, Texas, is unique to the norm because she can play an array of different instruments and has since a young age; including guitar, piano, and fiddle.

Offerman signed a record deal with UMG Nashville's MCA division back in 2020 and her brand of country blends the traditional-minded country music you heard in the '90s and 2000s, with a modern touch.

Her digital singles include "Get a Dog," 'Don't Do It In Texas," "Till I See You Again" and her first release back in March of 2022, "Happyland Trailer Park."

"Get a Dog" is a creative song that on the surface may give off the impression of just being about getting man's best friend, but shows "sass" as Catie says. Pay attention to the lyrics and the direction of the song.

She revealed that she actually played fiddle on her latest digital single, "'Til I See You Again," along with singing the song, which shows her range of talents.

"Don't Do It In Texas" is more somber in tone but as Catie says, "it's her bread and butter," when talking about her songwriting wheelhouse.

Catie joined the "Nine O'Clock News" with WYRK this week to talk about her music, her current songs, and what's to come for 2023. Spoiler -- she will be opening shows on Parker McCollum's upcoming tour, which starts in February.

She's preparing to release her first official country radio single in the spring of 2023 and is hard at work in the studio with critically-acclaimed producer, Dann Huff.

You can hear Catie talk about her music below.

You can hear "Happyland Trailer Park" tomorrow morning after 9 am on WYRK!

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