How do you know when you've made it big in the world today?  They feature you on Saturday Night Live.

Sometimes it's good...sometimes it's very bad.  But when you've been featured on Saturday Night Live, you know that people are either talking about you now, or they will be soon.

You've heard their ads for the popular personal injury attorneys on the radio and on tv.  You've probably seen their billboards.  It's possible that the law firm of Cellino & Barnes are some of the most popular lawyers in Western New York.  They started here in Buffalo but now they've got offices across New York from Buffalo to Rochester and into New York City.

Now, their jingle is becoming one of the biggest internet challenges today.  It was composed by Ken Kaufman in 1992 and has become one of the biggest commercial ear worms there are.

Saturday Night Live picked up on it and made them part of a skit where the sharks from the popular tv show "Shark Tank" decide whether or not they want to take on certain high profile cases.

If someone, somehow hasn't heard of Cellino & Barnes before, you can bet they have now!

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