There have been some pretty crazy challenges on the internet these days.  We've seen it all from dumping ice water on your head to eating laundry detergent.  Now, it's all about singing a popular jingle.

They started here in Buffalo and have grown to have offices across New York State including Rochester and Manhattan.

In 1992, they hired a guy named Ken Kaufman to write a jingle that pointed out that they were "THE injury attorneys" and would highlight their phone number.  The rest is history.  That jingle became one of the biggest commercial ear worms there are.

A broadway actress named Molly Hager issued the challenge back in August to get people to sing their own version of it.  Since then Katherine McPhee jumped on the challenge as well as many other solo acts and choruses across the country.

Just this past weekend, the challenge was featured on a skit on Saturday Night Live.

While this one is pretty entertaining and mostly harmless, I would like to pose a challenge.  I challenge everyone to stop doing challenges.  We are getting ridiculous with these things!


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