Doors stay open longer this time of year.  If you have kids, then you know that this is true.  But it's not always their fault.  I mean, when I'm grilling and I'm in and out of the house, I tend to leave doors open too.  But I'm thinking I'll be more careful now that I found what comes in when you leave doors open.

As I'm sitting there catching up on my DVR recordings late last night I caught something out of the corner of my eye.  My first thought was, "oh crap...I've got a mouse in my house."  So I went over to the piece of furniture that the "something that was in my house" scurried under only to find this big ol' centipede sitting there.

I have never seen a centipede that looks like this.  But I looked it up and sure enough...that's what it is.  And for all of you animal/insect lovers out there, don't worry.  It didn't hurt me, so I didn't hurt it.  I took it outside and let it go in the grass far away from the house.  (I know... I'm sure it will probably make it's way back in.  I just didn't feel like killing it.)

The article that I read says that they're not so bad because they kill other insects and spiders.  BUT...which is better?  To have one of these things in your house or a couple flies and spiders?