Does anyone have one of these? This classic, Christmas ceramic decoration seemed like a household staple at one point and they are making quite the comeback. Now, people are willing to pay more than the $10 that someone once paid.

Yours may be missing a light bulb or too, but people can't get their hands on one of these things fast enough. These ceramic Christmas trees are all of the rage right now. If someone is selling one of these on Facebook, it is gone in SECONDS. People are paying some big bucks too. They are going for about $150 a pop right now.

Some of the ceramic Christmas Trees come in green, but you may have some of these come in white before as well.

How did the ceramic trees come about? Why are they so popular? The nostalgia is off the charts with the ceramic trees.

Back in the 1960-1970s, mom and grandma wanted to create their own gifts, keepsakes, pots and dinnerware so they went to learn how to paint their own ceramics at a local shop. This lead to holiday decorations and you guessed it ceramic trees", according to Clark's Christmas Trees.

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