It's pretty amazing that Christmas is just two and half weeks away. If you are behind in holiday shopping this year, you're not alone, as I too have not gotten that done yet.

Let's be honest, it's just easier to shop for Christmas gifts when there's snow on the ground -- it puts you in the holiday spirit. If you love the snowfall and want that for December, you're in luck today and tonight.

Snowfall will continue through much of New York State through Wednesday night and drop more snow totals for many regions. If you live near one of the Great Lakes, you should expect to see a fair amount of snow on Wednesday.

According to the National Weather Service, anywhere from 1-2 inches of snow to 3-6 inches of snow will fall throughout these regions of New York State on Wednesday.

The greatest totals will be in the Oswego and Pulaski area, which is a prime spot for lake effect snow off Lake Ontario. Those in Western New York will likely see up to two inches of snow through tonight -- just enough to cause the roads to be slushy and slippery.

However, the rest of the month after Wednesday looks rather warm -- or should I say, warmer. Temperatures around 60 degrees are in store for Saturday and temps in the 40s and even low 50s are also possible into the third week of December.

So if you love the snow, enjoy today and tonight.

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