When he was the quarterback at Ole Miss I'd watch as many games as I could because I thought the guy was good.  He is good.  And I was kinda hoping the Bills might draft him with one of their later picks in the 2017 NFL draft.  He's an exciting quarterback to watch, but boy is he dumb.

The nephew of Jim Kelly is out of a job after his late night arrest on felony criminal trespass charges early Tuesday morning.  He entered a private home and sat on a couch "mumbling incoherently" until the homeowner chased him out and identified him to police who arrested him a short time later.

It's not his first scrape with the law.  He was arrested by Buffalo police in 2014 after being thrown out of a Pearl Street bar, punched a bouncer and threatened to return with his "AK-47 and spray the place."

Two years ago while he was quarterback at Ole Miss he was involved in a brawl in Buffalo when he was a spectator at a high school football game between St. Joe's and Bishop Timon/St. Jude.  He crossed the field to come to the aid of his brother, who was the quarterback of the St. Joe's team at the time.  He escaped arrest that time, but it put him in hot water with his coach at Ole Miss.

He was dismissed from the Clemson football team after arguing with head coach Dabo Swinney during a spring game and eventually ended up at Ole Miss.

And he was kicked off the Red Lion High School football team in Pennsylvania in 2009.  A few months later he enrolled at St. Joseph's Collegiate Institute.

Now he's a free agent.  Is there any team willing to take a chance on a talented hot head quarterback?  Quite a few people seem to think the Bills should.

I just wish the guy wasn't so dumb. Otherwise, I'd be on that bandwagon too.

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