Having a dog is a privilege. It comes with tremendous responsibility that is not just to give the dog food and water, but to give the dog love and the life he or she deserved.

Unfortunately, there are far too many dogs out there that are not treated properly by their owners and some who are flat-out abused.

One of the most heartbreaking stories we have ever heard involves a 13-year-old dog, who is a bundle of joy and overcame everything to avoid death. Now, the Niagara SPCA is asking someone to take a chance on this dog who just wants to live and be loved.

The Niagara SPCA posted a heartbreaking story about a dog named Chaos.

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Chaos is 13 years old and the SPCA says that he was brought to them in horrible shape.

Chaos was only 30 lbs. and had a body temperature of just 97 degrees. He was close to dying from starvation and water deprivation.

The dog was drinking his own urine to survive and they believe he ate some of his tail out of starvation. The SPCA wasn't even sure that he would survive the anesthesia during surgery to amputate the infected tail.

After the made the decision to not let him go, they did surgery to save his life, with food and vitamin injections. Chaos pulled through and despite his age and brutal past, he is lovable and wants to enjoy the rest of his life with his foster family, which he just went to this past weekend.

Chaos just wanted to be loved. That's all any dog wants out of life.

My wife and I adopted a pitbull/beagle mix in 2018 named Odessa. She has been the best thing that has ever happened to us.

Consider adopting a rescue dog. It's literally life-changing.

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