Gas under 3 bucks. This is NOT a drill.

2022 has not been a good year in terms of gas prices. Since the beginning of the year, gas prices have only gone up month after month. With inflation being as high as it is, gas prices that kept skyrocketing were not helping family budgets. New York State declared they would have a 'gas tax' which would help take away some of the tax burdens on a state and county level. In turn, that would make the gas cheaper at the pump for the consumer. It doesn't seem like we are seeing THAT much relief. You are seeing gas still hover around $3.85 cents in Buffalo's close suburbs.

BUT. there look to be some signs of HOPE now.

Look what the gas prices are here in Western New York! There are two gas stations that have gone under the 3-dollar mark per gallon: 49 Express Pit Stop in Akron at 409 Bloomingdale Road and Totem Pole Smoke and Gas Shop at 1031 Ledge Road in Bason, New York.

3 Cheapest Gas Stations in WNY

Where is the cheapest that you have seen gas in Western New York?

GasBuddy reported that they expect the national average gas price to drop below 3 dollars. The price of crude oil is going down and the gas price average has dropped over 22 cents nationally since last month and is trending in that direction again. In fact, you can already see some super 'cheap' prices at the pump in Western New York. There are at least TWO gas stations that are under 3 bucks.

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