The Buffalo Bills announced that they are going to really increase the prices for season ticket holders in 2023. They announced that ticket prices will increase will go up 12%. BUT, the cheapest season ticket price does still seem like a great deal.

What is the cheapest Bills season ticket?

The least-expensive Buffalo Bills season for the 2023 season is $550 after taxes and fees. Those seats are on the ends of certain 300 sections. 

The Buffalo Bills season ticket prices will average just over $1,000.

The Buffalo Bills hype is real right now. Everyone wants tickets to go see the Buffalo Bills. Of course, the Buffalo Bills ticket prices are going up, but they are still less than most other stadiums around the NFL.

Sometimes you can get a Buffalo Bills ticket at the end of the year for $50 on StubHub and then other times it costs you $300 for a ticket. If you bought the cheapest season ticket, that would cost you approximately $69 per ticket. On average, the home-opener secondary sites were selling home-opener tickets for about $350 per ticket the day before.

Where do you sign up for Buffalo Bills season tickets? You can get on the waitlist here.

There are currently 6,000 Bills fans on the waitlist.

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