The New York State "Gas Tax Holiday" has been in effect for seven days and we are seeing some relief at the pump.

The current average price for a gallon of gas here in New York is around $4.881. That is down about .04 per gallon since last week. Of course, if you are driving back and forth to work or planning a vacation or staycation you want to know where the cheapest gas prices are.

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Here are the counties with the lowest price of a gallon of gas in New York State.

Cattaraugus County  - $4.612
Chautauqua County - $4.658
Seneca County - $4.694
Erie County - $4.716
Niagara County - $4.734
Cayuga County - $4.737
Onondaga County - $4.738
Allegany County - $4.739
Wayne County - $4.743

By the looks at the numbers, Western New York has the lowest prices for a gallon of gas in the entire state of New York.

One of the main reasons for prices being lower in Western New York is that several counties have put a gas cap on the amount of taxes the county as well as the "Gas Tax Holiday" savings.

Looking at gas prices across the country, New York is about in the middle of the county when it comes to gas prices.

Out West, there is a surge in prices with the price of a gallon of gas in California costing around $6.341. In Washington and Oregon, the cost is around $5.40 per gallon.

The cheapest price in the county can be found in Georgia. The cost of a gallon of gas will cost around $4.292.

The average price for a gallon of gas last year was around $3.051.

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