If you're looking to save some cash on the groceries you need to cook Thanksgiving dinner, these stores have some money-saving deals.


I never ever thought about shopping at Aldi, but one day I tried it and I've been hooked ever since.  If you're cooking a big Thanksgiving or holiday dinner, you need to put Aldi on your list.  You can pick up so many essentials for great, affordable prices.  You can get anything from the main event - a turkey or ham - to side dishes like stuffing, green beans, rolls, corn, cranberry sauce, and more.

Cranberries - 99 cents for a 12 oz. package
Sweet Potatoes - 49 cents per pound
Ham - $2.99 per pound
Turkey - 87 cents per pound

You can check out Aldi's weekly specials here and its Thanksgiving page here.


Walmart has cheap prices on Thanksgiving essentials, especially turkeys.  Currently, their prices range from 87 cents per pound to $1.80 per pound, depending on the brand. You can see the weekly ad, which ends today, here.

Pumpkin Pie - $3.48
Whipped Cream - $2.98
Yeast Rolls - $2.97


For loyalty members, Wegmans is offering turkeys for $5.38 each ($0.39/lb). While it's not cheap, if you are into organic food, Wegmans does offer organic turkeys for $28.93 each ($6.29/lb). Wegmans ham is not that cheap, compared to other options. You can check out the options and prices here. If you don't feel like being bothered with fresh veggies, Wegmans does offer affordable frozen vegetables, including organic.

Sweet Peas - 79 cents per bag (frozen)
Broccoli Cuts - 99 cents per bag (frozen)

Family Dollar

Family Dollar is offering deals on Thanksgiving staples this week.  If you're not in the mood to make homemade stuffing, you can get chicken stuffing boxes at 2 for $4. You can see the current weekly ad here.

Powdered Gravy Mix - 50 cents per package
Chicken Broth - 2 for $2
Canned Sweet Potatoes - $2

Dollar General
If you're hosting a big party, you can get some good deals on appetizers and beverages from Dollar General. You can find the weekly ad here.

12-Pack Sodas - 3 for $11
Butter - $1.95 per 16 oz
Bottled Gravy - $1
Dressing - 85 cents
Pillsbury Rolls - 2 for $5

Super Price Choppers
If you don't feel like cooking everything, but want to offer some options, Super Price Choppers of Buffalo has a hot food bar.

Dash's has some Thanksgiving dinner deals. You can check out its weekly ad, which ends on November 20, here.

Sweet Potatoes - 48 per pound
White Potatoes - $1.49 per pound
Costanzo's Dinner Rolls - $2.99

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