Most schools in Western New York wrapped up distance learning this past Friday and most parents were "Teachers" for much of the 4th quarter, so why shouldn't we be the ones to hand out report remarks to our kids!

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As a parent, besides the grades, one of the things we want to know is how our kid is doing in class. Do they work hard, talk too much, act a fool? Well, we can learn a lot form the report card remarks teachers leave.

And since most of us acted as our kid's teacher over the past 3 months, we should be able to decide what remarks should be on the report card.

Here are some that you can use courtesy of

Positive Ones:


  • ________ is interested in his/her own learning, listens attentively, and makes a solid effort to avoid distractions that could interrupt the learning process.
  • ________ is accountable and responsible. He/she makes smart decisions, admits mistakes and listens to opportunities to improve.
  • ________ relates well to classmates and is appreciative of different perspectives and experiences.
  • ________ manages his/her emotions maturely and responds to feedback appropriately.
  • ________ always looks for ways to be helpful in the classroom.

Improvement Ones:


  • ________ needs to pay attention to the use of appropriate language at all times
  • ________ requires encouragement to listen attentively during group sharing times.
  • ________  needs to listen to directions more attentively during lessons.
  • ________ would benefit from showing a greater desire to contribute ideas in class.
  • ________ needs frequent reminders to be attentive during instructions and lessons.


My favorite one that I got a lot of when I was in school and would give my son Avry is "Talks too much with other students when they should be working"


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