We are getting ready for another round of Power Pumpkin and you could win the WYRK Golden ticket and see all the major country concerts that come thru Western New York.

It is simple to play Power Pumpkin. You need to choose six numbers between 1-25 with no repeats and if you match the winning number you win!

It is such a cool idea and since we can't win because we thought we would share the Power Pumpkin Numbers that the WYRK staff came up with.

I asked everyone on the staff to give me their lucky number and that is how we came up with our Power Pumpkin Number.

14-23-12-7-24 Power Pumpkin # 17

Clay -14
Val - 23
Producer Rob - 12
Brett Alan - 7
Dave Fields - 24
Chris Owen - 17

We will be dropping the Pumpkins on Saturday Oct 12th so get your numbers in Today!!



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