New York may owe YOU money--imagine that!

New York has a record $15 billion in unclaimed funds so, you definitely tell you family to check this to make sure they're not on this list (or really, better yet fingers crossed that they are!)

You type in your name and the State website will tell you exactly what it is from.

There are 37 million accounts unclaimed for either you or a passed on family member that you can claim: old bank accounts, business transactions, gift cards or property sales etc.

About 65 percent of claims are for less than $100, but the largest outstanding is for an $8 million estate. And about 37 million accounts are still unclaimed.


Banks, insurance companies and other institutions are required to turn over the contents of inactive or abandoned accounts to the state.


"We always tell people, it’s not quite the lottery, but people should check," Comptroller Thomas DiNapoli said.


"They should check their own name, their relatives, their businesses, non profits they are involved with. There are any number of ways people can be connected with the program, according to WGRZ".


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