Which Buffalo suburb did you grew up in? It may seem like something that wouldn't make a difference, but each suburb of Buffalo is unique.

Most of us say we're from Buffalo when we meet out-of-towners -- I do it because I want to prop up this great city, and because I doubt they know where Amherst, Cheektowaga or Lancaster are...

We're all Buffalonians, but there are differences between growing up in Buffalo, versus a suburb like Lancaster, Hamburg, Angola or Cheektowaga.

Like things that give away the fact you're from Buffalo, there are also things that give away the fact you're from a particular suburb, especially Cheektowaga.

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There's just something about Cheektowaga that screams Buffalo pride. It's one of the first suburbs you imagine when thinking of the City of Buffalo, and that has to be because of the people, food, culture and history of growing up there. The traditions in Cheektowaga are unlike any other, and those who grew up there for extremely prideful.

What are some tell-tell signs you're from Cheektowaga?

Here are 10 things that make people think you're from Cheektowaga.

10 Things That Let People Know You're From Cheektowaga

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